Adrien's Paw Spaw

PEI dog groomer

Adrien’s Paw Spaw  - Where pets are family too!

Adrien (Bernard) Sherry

Groomer / Animal Health Technologist

2 Brookins Dr. Kensington, PE


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Your pet’s “Spaw” session will start with a consultation to discuss what you would like your BFF (best fur friend) to look like.  Then you head on your way for approx 2 hrs and I start the pampering! 

First, we will take a quick walk around the block to get acquainted and release any pent up energy so your dog is ready to “relax” during their session.

Next step is the “tidy” which includes ear cleaning, brush out/clip/dematting if necessary and their pawdicure (nails trimmed/filed and fur between pads clipped).

Then we head to the bath, which includes a full body massage.  I use a soothing oatmeal shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for pets that will leave them looking and smelling great!  With every bath comes the Paw Spaw Facial!  It’s a professional, tear free shampoo specially formulated for the facial area.  It provides a brightening effect on their fur and makes them smell delicious!

After a soothing bath comes their fluff/blow dry.  I use a hand held ionic dryer that is quieter than most salon dryers and is heated to warm them up after their bath.

We end with their final grooming.  I use a combination of professional scissors and clippers, they do not have to be shaved.  Coat length will be the owner’s decision and discussed during consultation.